Radek Spáčil's Personal Homepage

Radek Spáčil's Personal Homepage

Nadya decided to make her own web pages. You will find them at nadezda.spacil.org. So far you can find there her genealogy.
After several weeks of problems with hosting service, I moved the site to different locations. I hope now you can enjoy trouble free browsing of my webpages.
01.11.2004 - New Page
The 2nd of October we (Nadya and me) got married. In separate pages you can find some (not all yet) photos from our wedding.
02.03.2004 - Update
New photos from National Park Oulanka, Finland were added to the gallery
21.10.2003 - New Gallery
I updated photo gallery. Just now you can find there only photos from Spain, but others will be added soon.
22.07.2003 - Updates
During the time I made a lot of updates, but I was too lazy to put it into this news. The website is still not fully ready anyway (although it's usable somehow...)
27.02.2003 - New website
This site was launched. It's not fully ready, so keep checking for news, additions and improvements. Now only postcard service and links are working (taken from old web site).

Photo pages

My photo pages contains not only photos, but also software to help manage collection of photographs a to present them on a website. The photos itself are divided into Gallery, which contains the best of them and Album, which contains photos from my trips, meeting friends and others, which are not necessarily best, but are good as document pictures.


When somebody of my friends has a birthday, nameday or other -day I was bored with all the postcards available on "postcards servers". I wanted to send my friends something more than just a postcard. I wanted to send them the postcard. Hey I'm amateur photographer, so why not to make my own, very personal, measure made postcards to fit my friends and the occasion. If you got an email saying you've got a postcard here, go on and pick it up.

Computer stuff

I'm happy Linux user. No don't worry, I will not force you to switch to Linux. I'm happy Linux user is only fact which leads to usage of some particular programs e.g. mutt, fetchmail or GIMP. I remember I spent more than week to properly configure mutt. To help others with configuration and other things, I made this page. It is still empty, but one day...


Collection of links I use very often (or less often). This is my start page in Opera browser, which I use. If you are after photographic links, maybe it is worth to visit my photo links on my dedicated photo pages.

About me

About me
I have my professional page at my workplace. So if you want to know more about me you are welcome.